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International Student Education
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BITC comprises three campuses: the headquarters (Fangyuan West Road), East Campus (Dongba) and South Campus (Huaxiang). BITC consists of ten teaching and learning institutions, including six schools, two departments and two divisions, and offers over 40 majors.Since 2012 to date, over 2,600 international students from 92 countries have studied at BITC, such as France, Britain, the United States, Germany, Japan, Kazakhstan, Malaysia, Russia and Egypt. Many students take trade, translation and other jobs and are well commended by their employers back in their countries, after receiving language training and professional studies at BITC.

From 2014, BITC, in association with the Ministry of Education and Misr El Kheir Foundation (MEK) of Egypt, trains around 20 students sent by the Egyptian government each year. Those students study different higher education vocational courses at BITC. Supported by the Ministry of Commerce of P.R.C., BITC jointly establishes “Egyptian Chinese College for Applied Technology” with Suez Canal University. The College will offer three majors initially, including mechatronics, electronic engineering and communication engineering. The official recruitment will be launched in September 2018.

Chinese Language and Chinese Culture Courses

Chinese Language Foundation

With long-term engagement in international student education, BITC has accumulated extensive Chinese language education experience, trained a batch of Chinese teachers and provided all-day Chinese education for students. As BITC is one of HSK examination centers in Beijing, international students could directly take HSK, BCT and YCT examinations after completing Chinese courses at BITC. After one year of Chinese language foundation study, 96% of the international students could pass the HSK level 4, and the best students could even earn a full mark at the HSK examinations.

Cultural Experiences

To diversify extracurricular activities for international students, increase their understanding of Chinese traditional culture and improve student’s comprehensive competency, BITC sets Chinese traditional culture courses, such as Chinese calligraphy, traditional opera, paper-cut and Chinese martial arts. Now, Chinese Martial Arts - Form-Intent Boxing offered by the BITC is rated as featured Chinese culture course provided at the Beijing “Belt and Road” national talent training bases. Representing BITC, the international students have attended Beijing and national martial art competitions for several times and won several individual and group awards.


Professional Courses

The professional courses provided by BITC for international students feature distinctive vocational education characteristics. BITC is equipped with cutting-edge teaching and learning facilities, complete basic labs and professional training bases, with a total fixed asset investment of RMB1.02 billion, including RMB386 million instrument equipment for teaching and research, RMB233 million IT devices and 7,906 computers for teaching and office use. The College has 46 on-campus practice bases, 420 off-campus internship bases and 203 organizations providing specific-job internship opportunities, which lays a solid foundation for ensuring high-quality vocational education. Most professional courses integrate theory and practice education in a training environment, enabling students to master hands-on skills in real working environment. Students have accumulated extensive engineering experience during their studies and are capable of directly taking jobs after graduation, and welcomed by employers.



School of Electronic and Automation

Electronic Information Engineering Technology

Applied Electronics Technology

Microelectronic Technology                                             

Smart Control Technology

Smart Product Development (Smart Hardware)

Mechatronics Technology

Numerical Control Technology

Mould Design and Manufacturing

School of Computer and Telecommunication

Computer Application Technology

Computer Network Technology

Information Security and Management

Cloud-computing Technology and Application

IoT Application Technology

Telecommunication Technology

Mobile Communication Technology

Operation and Management of Communication System

School of Software and Information

Software Technology

Mobile Application Development 

Computer Information Management

Big Data Technology and Application

Embedded Technology and Application


Business Data Analysis and Application

School of Economic Management



Logistics Management

Securities and Futures

Convention & Exhibition Planning and Management

Health Information Management

Health Management

Business English

Applied English (HR management)

Applied English (Preschool education)

Department of Digital Art

Digital Media Application Technology

Advertising Design and Production (Art)

TV & Film Animation (Art)

Digital Display Technology (Art)

Digital Media Art Design (Art)

Image & Text Information Processing

Department of Transportation Engineering

Automotive Electronic Technology

New Energy Automotive Technology

Automotive Marketing and Service

Smart Transportation Technology Application

Urban Transit Transport Telecommunication Signal Technology



BITC provides scholarship to excellent students:

1. Beijing International Student Scholarship;

2. Beijing Talent Training Base Scholarship of the “Belt and Road” Nations;

3. BITC Excellent International Student Scholarship.

4. Scholarship will be granted subject to the student’s admission conditions and academic results, up to RMB20,000.


Continued Education

BITC has signed the cooperation education agreements with several universities in Beijing that are eligible for conferring Bachelor’s degrees, providing international students with opportunities to study Bachelor’s, Master’s and PhD degrees at famous universities in Beijing, including: Beijing Jiaotong University, Capital Normal University and North China University of Technology. International students could directly continue their studies at the cooperative universities and receive their Bachelor’s degree after 1-2 years of studies.