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    Your Guide To Living In China

    Living in one of the biggest countries, with the largest population in the world, life in China can be an over whelming experience for most people. when international students decide to study in china, many of them worry about the way of life in china is completely different from their home countries.

    Today's life in china is not so much different from anywhere else in the world, especially in major cities like Beijing and Shanghai, maybe you have already been told by your friends who are studying in China that life in China is quite cozy and comfortable. However, I bet you want to see a more vivid picture of the real life in China. 

    As an international student, you can choose to live in school dormitories or rent an apartment outside the campus.
    Most Chinese universities provide very good and comfortable dormitories for international students. Dormitories for international students usually have private bathrooms with TV, Internet access, washing machine, and refrigerators all available. 
    If you want to live off campus, the first thing you should do is to get permission from your university co-coordinator. But renting an apartment in China can be very difficult for foreigners who have none or little Chinese proficiency. And never forget to get a temporary residence registration form, which is issued by the local police station.

    There are a variety of international foods in modern cities of China. You can find Italian, Indian and French restaurant very easily.
    Chinese local cuisine will at utmost satisfy your appetite. It is hard for many foreigners to imagine the diversity of Chinese cuisine until arriving in China. There are eight main Chinese cuisines and each type has its own identifying features. For example, Sichuan cuisine is spicy-hot and heavy in flavor while Huaiyang cuisine is fresh and light. Regardless of where you choose to study in China, regional cuisines from across the country can be found in any Chinese city and there must be at least one type that suits you.

    Chinese transportation system has been well developed during the past few decades.There are many world class international airports in China, such as the Capital International Airport, Shanghai Pudong International Airport and Guangzhou Bai Yun Airport. Most international students will travel to China by flight.Students are advised to do some research before booking flight ticket to China because some schools are located in cities without airport.
    The best way to travel around China is by train, it's inexpensive and punctual. For daily transportation, you can choose taxi、subway and bus.

    Medical and Health
    All foreigners entering China are required to complete a health declaration card that is distributed by the cabin crew during the flight to china.If you have any health problems, ask your doctor for a copy of your medical history, and you need to consult a local doctor in China.
    The Chinese medical system consists mostly of public and private hospitals. Small and personalized clinics are also available. Generally speaking, there are many public hospitals in all parts of China and most superior hospitals have established specific clinics which are particularly designed to provide medical services and health care for foreigners in China. With professional qualified nurses and doctors who can speak fluent English in those clinics, foreigners are expecting to receive good treatment there. 

    Money Matters
    Students should open local bank account in China if they are studying in China for more than three months.Foreign students can easily open bank accounts in China. You need to provide the copy of your passport and your address in China.
    It’s always good idea to bring some cash when you first come to China. Bring RMB (Chinese Yuan) would be the most convenient choice. Besides, you can either bring USD or EURO. The cash of USD or EURO can be exchanged into RMB easily at any branches of the Bank of China. You can even exchange your cash at the airport for the branches of many official banks are always available there. Please note that your passport is requested every time for money exchange in China.

    If you are on a tight budget, you can choose to take a part-time job as English teachers. Such jobs are available at high schools, universities and at a growing number of private schools. They are normally advertised via e-mail and telephone, and wages are paid hourly around 50-100 RMB. Besides the financial income, working with your local colleagues will also give you a chance to experience the warmth of Chinese people and the colorful and characteristic social life in China. Don’t feel shy if people invite you to their home for dinner,it is also a good way to practise your Chinese.

    Students will largely rely on mobil phone as a medium of communications during your stay in china.Local telecom operators are the Chinese Mobile and the Unicom, you can go to their offices to register a SIM card for mobile telephone services in China. You can also call outside the country with the IP Telephone Cards bought locally. These cards are fairly cheap, and the connection is very clear. 

    It is required by the ministry of education in China that insurance is required for all foreign students who pursues higher education in China for a period over 6 months.Students can purchase their insurance either from their own country or form the university admission office during registration. Many universities do require students to purchase the foreign students overall insurance plan in china.Other types of insurance for foreign students in China including travel insurance、student health insurance and emergency insurance.

  • Living Guidance Two

    It has gone through quite a long process of historical development for pictographic writing to transform into a symbol of the recorded languages - Chinese characters. We can now see the earliest stereotypes text is the Oracle of the Yin and Zhou dynasty.

    They were carved on tortoise shells and animal bones for continually divination in Shang dynasty. During divination, people would burn the tortoise shells first .When those tortoise shells cracked, people would judge good and bad according to them and carve the results of the divination on tortoise shells. So we call the characters which carved on tortoise shells or animal bones oracle-bone inscription.