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Program Highlights

1. Students can learn the  automotive technology of Audi, BMW, Volvo and other high-ends brands.
2. Facing Beijing's vehicle industry, the program trains wanting high-end brands vehicles personnel .

Admission Requirements
Three-year diploma programs
Senior High School graduates or above
Pass HSK exam grade 3 or above
Aged between 18 to 45

Five-year diploma programs
Junior High School graduates or above
Pass HSK exam grade 3 or above
Aged between 14 to 45
Main Courses
Auto Trade Application,
Auto Insurance and Claim Settlement, Economics,
Auto Engine Electronic System Detection and Repair,
Auto Diagnosis and Repair, Analysis of Auto Electronic Control,
Auto Sensor and Testing, Auto Communication Technology,
Auto Power-transmission System

Training Objectives
This program is mainly oriented to automobile industry in Beijing to train high-end professional talents with systematic learning of automobile structure, marketing, technical service, good command of automobile marketing and service skill and strong occupation development capability, qualified for automobile sales, insurance, claim, assessment, accessories management, maintenance and relevant basic management.
Practice Link
Audi, BMW, Volvo and other car repair skills training, automotive electrical systems measurement and maintenance training, vehicle maintenance and training, automobile circuit maintenance training, internship, graduation design and other practical aspects of the design.  Students can get vocational car service qualification certificate .
Employment Direction
Graduates can be engaged in motor enterprises such as automobile sales, after-sale service, logistics and rental etc., qualified for automobile (used cars included) sales, accessories sales, accessories management, insurance and claim, loss setting, identification and assessment, cosmetology, logistics, rental, maintenance, repairing and basic management etc.
  • Qualification Awarded:
    Associate Degree
  • Duration:
    3-5 Years
  • Starting Date:
    Sep 9 , 2015
  • Application Deadline:
    Dec 30 , 2020
  • Tuition Fee:
    RMB 8000 Per Semester
  • Application Fee:
    USD 75 (Non-refundable)
  • Language:
  • Academic Requirement:
    High School Graduate