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Program Highlights

The program aims to ensure that students progress into higher education institutions and train students to reach level 4, 5, 6 of HSK gradually.

Admission Requirements
Non-Chinese citizens;

Training Objectives

Spoken Chinese is a compulsory course specializing in developing students’ability in oral communication. Pre-Intermediate is designed for students who know about 1500 characters and are just ready to make the leap into the intermediate stage. By training, this program will help students to master examination technique and complete the examination of HSK level 45 and 6. And then, ensuring students enter into university and college successfully. 

  • Qualification Awarded:
    Chinese Language
  • Duration:
    1 Semester
  • Starting Date:
    Mar 8 , 2016
  • Application Deadline:
    Dec 30 , 2020
  • Tuition Fee:
    RMB 600 Per Semester
  • Application Fee:
    RMB 450 (Non-refundable)
  • Language:
  • Academic Requirement: