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Program Highlights

The program trains highly skilled personnel with a strong practical ability related to basic computer knowledge and skills.

Admission Requirements
Three-year diploma programs
Senior High School graduates or above 
Pass HSK exam grade 3 or above
Aged between 18 to 45

Five-year diploma programs 
Junior High School graduates or above 
Pass HSK exam grade 3 or above 
Aged between 14 to 45
Main Courses
Electronic and Electrical Technology,
Network Technology,
Network Operating System,
Communications network,
Building automation, Machine and AutoCAD,
Intelligent Building Structure Cabling System,
Intelligent Monitoring System,
Integrated Security Systems,
Property Management and Information Technology,
Intelligent Building System Integration,
Project Bids and Project Management,
PLC, Monitoring Software Application Infrastructure Configuration,
Sensor and Detection Technology.
Training Objectives
Computer application technology is mainly for development trend of intelligent building industry and current situation of China's talent shortage. This program aims at urban economic construction and social development, and dedicates itself to forging and training highly skilled personnel with a strong practical ability, in making master designs, installation, commissioning, operation, maintenance of intelligent building system and basic knowledge and basic skills.
Practice Link
Relevant certification training of professional qualification: intelligent building administrator training with certificates certified by the Labor Department,comprehensive training of the Internet of things application, installation, adjustment, operation and maintenance of security system, fire alarm and linkage system, property manager and so on.
Employment Direction

Graduates can be mainly engaged in field management of intelligent engineering, partial (detailed) design; installation and commissioning of intelligent building engineering; system maintenance, system operation, intelligent building management and etc.

  • Qualification Awarded:
    Associate Degree
  • Duration:
    3-5 Years
  • Starting Date:
    Mar 8 , 2016
  • Application Deadline:
    Dec 30 , 2020
  • Tuition Fee:
    RMB 8000 Per Semester
  • Application Fee:
    RMB 450 (Non-refundable)
  • Language:
  • Academic Requirement: