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Program Highlights

1. Graduates have the  core professional competence in solid basic knowledge of network information security.
2. The program involves the compreshensive training of the  information security engineer certified by the Ministry of Information Security.

Admission Requirements
Three-year diploma programs
Senior High School graduates or above
Pass HSK exam grade 3 or above
Aged between 18 to 45

Five-year diploma programs
Junior High School graduates or above
Pass HSK exam grade 3 or above
Aged between 14 to 45

Main Courses
Courses include:
Computer Networking Basics,
JAVA Programming,
Application Server’s and Security Management,
LAN interconnect technology and security,
Firewall and VPN Implementation and Management,
Enterprise Application Server architecture and security configuration,
Network Storage Technology,
Anti-virus technology,
Configuration and security management network database,
Hackers attack and prevention technology,
Enterprise LAN management and operation and maintenance,
E-commerce Web site security management,
Linux network security management,
Security product testing.

Training Objectives
This program is oriented to network and information security related posts in all types of enterprises and institutions to train high-skilled talent with a solid basic knowledge of network security, whom can perform installation and commissioning of network security product, security management of enterprise database, virus prevention of enterprise network, security management of company website, configuration and management of security product, hacker attacks and prevention, encryption technology, anti-virus technology and other core professional competence.
Practice Link
Comprehensive training of Information Security Engineer ceritified by the Ministry of Information Industry, Cisco (CCNA Security), Huawei information security training with certificates, enterprises information system risk assessment and security management productive training, enterprises production internship, internships and graduation design.
Employment Direction
Graduates can be engaged in planning of LAN security program, installation and commissioning of safety equipment, operation and safety maintenance management of LAN, safety management and maintenance of website, security management of enterprise database, configuration of security product, testing of security product, sales and after-sales technical support of network security product and etc.
  • Qualification Awarded:
    Associate Degree
  • Duration:
    3-5 Years
  • Starting Date:
    Mar 8 , 2016
  • Application Deadline:
    Dec 30 , 2020
  • Tuition Fee:
    RMB 8000 Per Semester
  • Application Fee:
    USD 450 (Non-refundable)
  • Language:
  • Academic Requirement: